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Janak Packing, Inc. produces quality sausage and meat products.

Janak's Country Market specializes in making gift boxes packed with sausage and meat products, along with canned goods made in our own Country Kitchen.  These are available year-round, including the holidays, in our retail store and for online ordering.  Orders can be shipped to you or picked up at the store.

We offer a full line of smoked products - sausage, jerky, ham, bacon.

We also have a dining area with a full-service grill.  Lunch and sandwiches are served daily.


Paul and Mary Janak, Founders of Janak Packing, Inc.

Janak Packing, Inc. opened its doors for business in the year of 1938.  When our country was beginning to feel the effects of the Great Depression and times were difficult, Paul & Mary Janak opened a small grocery store and meat market.


Requests began to come in for Paul to make his famous sausage out of the farm-raised pigs that the local farmers brought to him.  Neighbors also urged Paul to expand his sausage business so that the surrounding folks could also enjoy his hickory smoked, old fashioned products.


From this humble beginning, Paul, Mary, and their six children ran Janak Packing, Inc.

Janak Packing delivery truck

For years, Janak Packing has produced high quality meats and delivered their products to grocery stores all over Texas.

In 2001, Janak Packing Inc. added a new dimension with a retail store called Janak’s Country Market. 


The building is characterized by a rustic style look with a room for event venues, custom built by Leroy Janak, one of Paul and Mary's children.

Janak's Country Market Hallettsville Texas
Janak's Country Market Hallettsville Texas
Leroy and Alice Janak, Janak Packing Inc.
Mark and Karen Janak & family, Janak Packing, Inc.

Leroy and his wife Alice, along with their son Mark and his wife Karen, purchased the business in August 2011 from the rest of the Janak family.

Leroy Janak, Janak Packing, Inc.
Alice Janak, Janak Packing, Inc.

Mark and Karen's son Trent is now involved in the business as well, managing the processing.  The other children (Jordan, Derrick, Amanda, and Ryan) can be seen working at Janak's at times as well.  Jordan helps with the ranch side, and is implementing steer fed calves that can be purchased from J Bar Angus (Mark & Karen's other business) and processed at Janak Packing.

This marks the 4th generation of Janaks keeping up the tradition. 

Janak Packing, Inc. 3 Generations Leroy, Mark, and Trent Janak
Janak Packing Flyer 2022
We feature Czech-style sausage, bacon, & ham, all with that farm-table taste.
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Family Feast Gift Box - Janak's Country Market
Old-Fashioned Sausage - Janak's Country Market
Bacon - Janak's Country Market
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